Sunday, July 12, 2009

DIY Patio Pond

In the summer, I enjoy stepping outside at the start of the day to enjoy my morning coffee on the patio.

While the birds provide a wonderful soundtrack to start the day, I've always enjoyed the sound of water falling on itself. The trickle of a small stream or the rush of a flowing river; the sound of water is so relaxing.

Just off the patio is an area that needed some work from a design perspective. The entire area is mulched (having been ugly white rock before we moved here) and is pretty much a blank canvas. I decided this would be a perfect place for a small 'above ground' pond.

I'm a firm believer in 'take what you got decorating.' Finding a way to repurpose things that I already have is not only a challenge but allows me to use my creativity to figure out how to make what I want, without a huge expense.

To create this pond, I went on a search in and around the house and yard. I found:

A clear plastic under the bed tote
A small recirculating pump (from an old outdoor fountain)
A few landscaping bricks
Larger, flat stones

I leveled out the space for the plastic tote and surrounded it with the landscape bricks to hide the plastic shell. Using the flat rocks, I started to build up the sides, and creating a waterfall of rocks at the back of the pond.

I installed the small recirculating pump and ran the tubing through the back and secured it in the stack of rocks to create a waterfall.

Once filled with water, I plugged the pump in to the outdoor outlet and voila! Instant pond!


Elaine said...

There is nothing better than the sound of an outdoor fountain. What a fabulous way to repurpose things from around the house. I know it will give you such enjoyment!

mike said...

Wow - I'm impressed! It looks fantastic! Come do one for me now. I bet it brings lots of joy listening to the peaceful water.... :) LOVE IT!

Less is More said...

very impressive pond . its fantastic very creative garden designs with the perfect furniture's ornamental wind spinner , wind chimes and landscape .