Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garden Blooms

I took a walk around the garden yesterday afternoon...

This "Lemon Twist" rose blooms constantly from late spring until frost.

The Four O'clock, which spread like crazy and can fill a flower garden in a couple seasons are always a nice bright burst of color

I love geraniums. This blossom is from a Martha Washington geranium

A Carnival Striped Rose, which will climb near the steps is surrounded by Four O'clocks

This spring, I thought this rose had died after a very harsh winter. All of the existing canes were dry and not producing buds. I cut it back and from the surface emerged new growth a many, many new buds. I bought this "Bubble Gum Rose" from Kmart (of all places) 10 years ago!

A combination of Lobelia and a dark purple sweet potato vine makes a nice combo in a large pot near the entry of the patio.

A trailing Verbena against the bright green of another sweet potato vine.

Can you say, "vibrant?" This shocking pink geranium hasn't stopped blooming!

There will be many blooms on this Red Velvet rose. The plant itself seems to stay pretty small, but it will produce dozens of blooms. Unfortunately, it will probably get black spot again this year as it always does.

This rose was purchased in 1999 when Martha Stewart had a live plant program at Kmart. It typically gives me three flowering periods a year. Very elegant.

The edging used in this bed has rusted over the years and I love the look. The pineapple was a Martha Stewart Everyday-Garden item from several years ago. It looks like cement.. but "shhhh" don't tell anyone.. it's actually a heavy resin.

The Ladies Mantle is just starting to bloom. It makes long lasting filler in flower arrangements.


John R. said...

Simply beautiful! One day I'd love to tour your gardens! ;-)

Alan said...

I miss all the Martha Stewart Everyday garden items at Kmart! .. I wonder if the new retailer will offer the Garden products ..

I remember seeing pictures from the launch of the Everyday garden line at the Four Seasons restaurant in NY -- back when Kmart loved Martha ...

Elaine said...

Your garden is just beautiful, Kenn! Love the edging and even the resin pineapple.

Carillon said...

Love your photos!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful and stunning planting combinations too!

mike said...

Nifty camera! The blossoms look beautiful - especially the four o'clocks and the yellow lemon twist rose!