Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Garden Update

As we make the turn into the warmer summer months ahead, the gardens have responded and the growth has been tremendous! Here's an update on garden progress:

No, we are not growing retro-metal lawn furniture. This chair (and another matching) were given to us by David's Dad. Our Memorial Day project is to begin sanding and cleaning the chairs for a new coat of paint. They will be painted in retro-blue and green. I can't wait to see how they look once they are painted!

The Irises are completely in bloom. This bed of Iris will be divided this year after the blooms fade.

The buds on the Peony bush are just about to burst open. This single bush provides me with numerous arrangements during early June.

Say what you may about the more 'typical' plants in the garden, but nothing beats the color and beauty of a hanging planter chocked full of beautiful Petunias. The deep purple and pink 'wave' variety will be spilling over the edges in a matter of a week or so.

Trailing Verbena are always a favorite of mine. This cherry color hasn't stopped blooming since the beginning of May.

Ferns, ferns, ferns. We have a ton of ferns growing in the gardens. These aggressively spreading ferns have taken over one garden bed. I love how lush they are. A stray Iris pops it's beautiful bloom in between the ferns.

This gorgeous Hosta is one of my favorites. "Sum and Substance" has large full leaves and nice long stems. I use the large leaves for arrangements throughout the summer.

My very first Lupine. The plant itself really struggled last year. I wasn't sure it was going to come back this year but it did and is producing 6 different flower spikes. These long lasting blooms are perfect accents in the garden.

The Hosta love the shade created by all the ferns. Here's another with smaller leaves but beautiful bi color leaves.

My "Endless Summer" Hydrangea has taken off and seems to almost double in size every day! At the recommendation of my friend Mike, I'm feeding these plants regularly with "Plantone" organic fertilizer. Lush blooms won't be far behind!

Lastly, a planter of herb and trailing plants will sit on the patio. This beautiful bi-color sage is one of my favorites. I grow these not only to use for cooking, but for their decorative value as well.


Elaine said...

Your garden is looking so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Elaine said...

I forgot to say that I can't wait to see what the garden furniture that David's dad gave you will look like when you refinish them. Please be sure to share the "Before" and "After" photos with us.

malibu boy said...


I have a suggestion for the chairs. Instead of sanding and painting...look in your area for a place that does "powder coating". I think that's what it is called. It's a technique for metal furniture.

Kenn said...

Very good idea! It would certainly be more durable than spray painting with hard enamel paint. I'll have to investigate!


The iris and the lupine are especially beautiful, Kenn. I'm a sucker for shades of lavender in the garden.

mike said...

Love the chairs! One suggestion - get RID of them. Find some wicker. Send the chairs postage paid to: (me). :)

The garden is beautiful - I'm a sucker for anything that's growing now.... :)