Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey "Bud." A Few Buds in the Garden

I've spent at least half of the days this week protecting the gardens from the threat of frost. Now that Mother Nature has THAT our of her system, I believe we're safe from any other threats of near freezing temperatures. (whew!)

Yesterday afternoon, I found a few beauties ready to burst into bloom.

These Columbine plants have actually changed color over the years. The original plant was a deep burgundy color and now it's more of a deep purple color. Still amazing, still beautiful. With the warm weather expected today, I fully expect to see blooms by days end.

This is one of two 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea bushes. This particular variety blooms on old wood as well as new wood. Last year, the plant did not produce any foliage on the old wood but this year, despite the harsh winter, it's decided to give the old wood a try. This hydrangea was planted in place of an old dead rose bush... but look closely and you'll see a left over rose root that has sprouted new growth. After three years it decides to come back?

Irises galore. I think it's time to divide this particular grouping. The flower buds are very small this year. Last year the blooms were huge. All of these are a wonderful deep purple color.

The peony bush is pushing dozens and dozens of buds ever closer to bloom. I love peonies. This particular plant produces very classic pink/white blooms. The blooms are typically so large, it just takes one or two to make a beautiful arrangement.

And finally, the raspberry vines (which are everywhere in the back of the house) are all green and ready to produce berries in just a month or two. It's so nice to walk out and pick a few to include with a fruit salad or to top a nice dish of yogurt.


carillon said...

Ken, please post photos of those plants in bloom when the time comes! I miss all those flowers here in Phoenix!

Elaine said...

How exciting that your garden is getting ready to burst forth in color! Beautiful!

mike said...

Your hydrangeas will love you for the PlantTone! Mine are going wild with new foliage and buds! How exciting - I love this time of year!