Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cookie Treats

One of my co-workers came to work today with a wonderful assortment of decorated sugar cookies in a tin that looked very, very familiar. Cookies from Martha Stewart for 1-800 Flowers.

These cookies were wonderful! Bright, cheery, beautifully decorated and perfect for a spring time cookie break.

Each tin contains 16 cookies and comes with a recipe card for sugar cookies. List price is $44.95

For more information on this and other items from the Martha Stewart for 1-800 Flowers program, check out the 1-800 website.


Elaine said...

There's nothing like a beautifully decorated tin of cookies to mend a broken heart!

mike said...

There's nothing like paying $45 for box of cookies that you could make yourself for $12.95. And we know we won't.


They look so professional! How did you manage to seal all of them in the cellophane? :) I hope the tin is different than the one you have? I'm sure you'll find a use for it - and I assume you HAVE the tin, if you didn't outright grab it and say "MINE!" :)

Now... what did I do with my snowman and snowflake cookie cutters. Better get started...

Anonymous said...

That's $2.81 a cookie! Holy cow.