Friday, April 10, 2009

A Random Friday Observation

The birds are back and force! I was surprised today while working outside at the number of birds in the trees, around the bird feeders, and just flying about.

As I looked up into the trees and saw the flock-o-birds, I was reminded of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, "The Birds." The movie scared me to death as a child!

Now, I love the sound and song of all the birds in the nearby trees.

Run Tippi, run!


mike said...

Hey, it's a wonderful fillm, and still scares me. :)

That woman can run like crazy in a pair of heels. (I know, cuz I own the DVD) along with all of other Hitch's films!

I see some birds outside your house....


So funny, Kenn! I laughed out loud... "They're massing again!"

Elaine said...

I agree - that movie still scares me and I LOVE birds!