Saturday, April 4, 2009

Martha Stewart Weddings - Spring 2009

My Spring '09 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings arrived this week and as always, it's a wonderful magazine to page through.

While geared toward the bride-to-be, I don't fit into the "Weddings" demographic (for a number of reasons); but there are so many great ideas in each issue, I can't resist reading it. From a variety of 'good things' that can be used in nearly any party situation, to incredible cake decorating ideas - I've found "Weddings" to be a great resource and inspiration.

The Spring 2009 issue is no exception. The cover itself caught my eye! (Diamonds are NOT only a girls best friend!) Who doesn't appreciate a nice diamond-ANYTHING!

Of particular interest was the feature on "Light and Lovely," with cakes, favors, flowers and more.

If you are not a subscriber to "Weddings," I do suggest that you pick up an issue and look through it. You'll find the Martha Stewart style you love - just use your imagination with the ideas. I think you'll be inspired too!


Elaine said...

That is a great cover, Kenn,


Such a lovely cover! I agree with you, Kenn. The Weddings magazine is always a source of inspiration for entertaining and design. I'll be getting this issue!