Friday, April 17, 2009

The First Glimpse of the Garden

Warm temperatures FINALLY arrived here in Michigan and it didn't take long for the gardens to respond. Here's a glimpse at what I found in the garden today.

The first leaves on the rose bushes appeared and seemed to love the 72 degree sunshine.

Once again this year, the daffodil blooms are far and few between. I'm still trying to investigate and find out why I'm having a lack of bloom affair with the daffodil family.

The first buds on my favorite Clematis Jackmani vine. The blooms are an incredible deep purple color.

Miniature tulips (they are so petite and beautiful) are about to bloom as they push up their flower buds through the Lillie's that are already emerging

Much to my surprise, this Hosta has grown by leaps and bounds! It won't be long until he's in his complete glory!

Even before I could get the flower bed cleaned out, some Lady's Mantle (or Ladies Mantle... I've seen it both ways...) is already leafing out. These plants get quite large and the flowers are beautiful in the early summer. They are quite hardy and grow quickly.

What I love most is the thick lush growth of green grass. I'll be the barefoot gardener before too long!


Claudine said...

looks great Kenn! It is going to get warm this weekend here in the NW as well. Can't wait!

Elaine said...

I am so glad that Spring has finally arrived in your neck of the woods! Beautiful!

mike said...

Looks like everything's winding down for the season! Glad you have all the cleanup mostly done and everything put to bed. Can't wait to see the new lighting scheme and holiday decor!

How do you get daffodils to bloom in the fall???