Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Martha Stewart: Store, Walk on the Shore, & More!

One of the things I love about having friends across the country who love the Martha Stewart Collection as much as I do, is the 'under-cover' work they do when they find new items added to the collection.

Today, I received two emails almost at the same time from my friend John who lives not too far from me and my friend Elaine, who lives in California, sharing the new finds during recent shopping trips to Macy's. Take a look at some of the new items:

Do you desire a delicious crisp salad at work? Try one of the new "Salad Chillers." The Martha blue lid holds a removable ice pack that will keep your salad well chilled all day. Also, built into the lid is a removable salad dressing dispenser. Also available are individual portion containers to pack all your favorites for that healthy lunch alternative to fast food.

Food storage in a variety of shapes and sizes (including larger cereal storage containers) with lock tight lids. These type of storage containers are my favorites. I love locking lids. Hmm.. look at the color of the handles.. my favorite blue color

Now this is an item that I'm sure to add to my own kitchen collection. A set of seven duo cut biscuit cutters (in blue no less) are stackable for easy storage and give you the option of a fluted edge cut or a straight cut. Great for biscuits or cookies. At only $9.99 these are a great find!

Hello Blue! Hello Green! Martha and Macy's welcomes back the colors of summer with great picnic baskets, melamine dishware and glasses, and much more.

Whether it's chopping nuts for a favorite recipe with a new Martha Stewart Collection nut grinder (a bit hard to see in the top picture..) or walking along the beach (or down the street to Starbucks) in a comfy pair of flip-flops, Martha seems to have you covered!

Simple, but elegant, the maidenhair fern tea/coffee service is perfect for a private tea time or sharing it with others in the neighborhood. Sugar and creamer sets are also available.

Last but not least, while the items featured in the above picture are not new, it's a reflection of Macy's "Welcome Back Color" campaign, with store displays using 'blocks' of same color items in a single display. Attention MSLO or Macy's: I'd love to have one of the large circle logos for my collection!


Claudine said...

have to have the teapot.... too many great new things. I will look for them in my local macy's in 2 months. They are pretty slow out here on getting things

Anonymous said...

I like the flip flops and the biscuit cutters!

Elaine said...

They also have the teapot, teacups and saucers, and the sugar and creamer in the camellia pattern. I just didn't get them in the shot. They are all so pretty and they have the curled leaf handles. They are selling the teapot and teacup and saucers as a set and the sugar and creamer also as a set.

Gift A School said...

I have the maidenhair fern green sugar and creamer set as well as the 5-piece tea set new in the original boxes. Never opened. I would like to sell them.