Monday, March 9, 2009

The Corner Office

When you think of the incredibly talented staff at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, it would be easy to imagine the zillion and one ideas that must be floating around the office.

Last year on the Martha Stewart Show, Martha discussed the 'big idea' contest where members of the MSLO staff presented ideas for consideration. I ran across that show on a DVD not too long ago and it got me thinking... "If I was the boss, I would..."

My ideas would take pages and pages of this blog. As a consumer of "Martha-everything" I know what is attractive to me; but I'm curious as to what YOU would do if you had the corner office. What new licensing agreements would you forge? Would you envision a Martha store? A live plant partnership with a well known distributor? Share your thoughts... I'd love to read your ideas.



Like you, Kenn, it would take pages and pages to list them all. I think a Martha Stewart store is a must at some point in the genesis of the company. They have to try it on American soil. I have a feeling it would be a huge success. This is more of a stretch, but I'd love to see MSLO partner with Ford or GM to design a Marthamobile: a car that has everything the busy homemaker needs. I'm not joking either, although it is kind of funny to think about it. It could come in jadeite green and teal blue and Bedford grey with an "M" logo on the hood. It would have lots of storage, be fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious and be equipped for all seasons.

Matt's Kitchen said...

OK, I admit I have to actually give this some serious thought. I do feel that your idea of a store is one that I, having the corner office, would seriously consider, and one that I, as an every day ordinary consumer would shop at. Maybe in this economy that might be a bit risky so maybe some smaller licensing agreements, maybe arrangements with the latest in technology, a Martha Stewart computer or MP3 player preloaded with podcast and bookmark links as well as dinner, breakfast, and brunch music playlists... something to draw in a more tech savvy, younger crowd of new users. A Martha Stewart YouTube channel with classic as well as new and exclusive videos... I am not a business person; I'm a teacher, so I'm looking for more of those simple, engaging teaching connections which Martha does so well.

Will said...

My first order of business would be to pull the Martha products out of Walmart and straight into Target.

I'd also like to see Martha expand her line of homes and try to produce very affordable versions of Lily Pond, etc home models in gentrified or urban neighborhoods in need of rescue -much like Oprah and Brad Pitt did for New Orleans.

And lastly, I'd really like Alexis to open up some of her gyms in more states, not just East Coast. And some of the gyms could be designed to be friendly toward our aging population - much as the Center named after Big Martha. I'd have Dr. Brent Ridge team up with Alexis and design a "healthy living gym".