Friday, February 6, 2009

The Early Arrival of Spring

When I looked in my mailbox this afternoon I was shocked to see the March issue of Martha Stewart Living! I never expected it to arrive this early!

Every March, we are treated to the issue being devoted to the love of gardening. The special gardening issue has always been one of my favorites. This year, the gardening issue looks at "Gardening solutions from the ground up."

Here's a look at some of the feature stories in this issue:

Scents of Time: The demand for fragrant roses has a heady effect: New hybrids and old favorites are turning gardens and backyards across the country into perfumed sensations.

Cultivating Local Flavors: In Maryland, a farm that delivers fresh vegetables is part of a national movement, but its most immediate impact is in the local kitchens.

Flights of Fancy: Vintage prints, embellished silverware, and whimsical flea market finds bring birds indoors, taking avian imagery to new heights.

A New Hampshire Haven: A self-taught gardener with a passion for plants transforms her property into a brilliant composition.

Vertical Thinking: Hillside gardens add layers of drama to any landscape, but they can be a challenge. Learn how to rise to the occasion.


Anonymous said...

mine better be at home when i get there!!!! I am so jealous!

John said...

Mine arrived today as well! It was a welcome site when I arrived home from work this evening!

mike said...

I loved this issue, read it from cover to cover. April just arrived yesterday, can't wait to spend the weekend perusing it over a cup of tea!


I have only once received an issue "early".... it was a fluke of nature, I'm sure.

Love the cover!!!


You should really preface posts like this with a spoiler alert!! :-)

I hope I get mine on Monday. I LOVE the cover!

Elaine said...

I love the cover! The roses are so very beautiful! I can't wait to get it in the mail.