Friday, February 27, 2009

Destination : Beekman

The New York Times has published a fantastic article on the Beekman farm and owners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge.

Please grab a cup of coffee and read the article, "The Old House That Became a Way of Life." It's a wonderful look in and around Josh and Brent's beautiful home and farm in upstate New York.

Beekman is no stranger to regular readers of House Blend. Last summer, Dr. Brent graciously agreed to an interview that appeared here on the blog and has become one of the most popular entries with readers.

Dr. Brent introduced the world to the Beekman goats and to goats milk soap when he appeared on the Martha Stewart Show last year. I became curious about this place called "Beekman" and ventured into their website Since that first visit, I've been hooked and visit the site almost daily. I encourage everyone to take a look around their site and share in their "experiment in seasonal living."

Josh, the incredibly talented author of "I am Not Myself These Days" and "Candy Everybody Wants," is just a delight. Creative, witty, outspoken, and 'real,' Josh has a wonderful way of connecting with his readers. Readers can also find Josh in the Advocate and Out magazine. His talent as a writer never disappoints me.

While I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting Josh and Brent in person, that will change this May when David and I are taking a long weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday (gulp!) at Beekman. How will we celebrate? By working in the the 50+ raised beds in the garden!

Congratulations, Josh and Brent, for the great article and thank you for sharing Beekman with all of us who enjoy it so much.


Brent said...

Hi, Kenn

We really hope you are prepared to work. Everyone must earn their keep on the farm :-)

Thanks for mentioning us in your blog

Elaine said...

The article in the New York Times is a really good one.

Elaine said...

The article in the New York Times is a really good one.

Alli said...

Thank you for all the information on your blog! I love coming here for the latest Martha news.
I read the article in the Times about Beekman. I love how Dr. Brent and Josh have taken their passion and turned it into something so wonderful. I use the soap all the time and I will never go back to commercial soap again.

Thank you again for a newsworthy place to visit.


Andrea said...

I read "I am Not Myself These Days" and I swear, it was looking at my brothers life. Great book.

Have fun at Beekman for your birthday! 50 is the new 30! (this coming from a woman who just turned 60)