Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ready... Set... DECORATE!

The Friday after Thanksgiving and the weekend that follows is the time that our home transforms from generic autumnal decor to Christmas. This year, the tradition continued with a decorating frenzy! Here's a quick glimpse:

Our tree this year is in red, white, silver, and a bit of green here and there. It's a tree that mixes old with the new. Here's one of my favorite vintage ornaments. An original from 1945, it belonged to David's mother who passed it on to me shortly before she passed away. I love this ornament.

I have many, many glass cylinders and bowls, so this year, I decided to put them to work displaying some ornaments and other items. Here, a glass cylinder filled with artificial snow acts as a home for a small snowman. The pine cones that form a wreath along the base are from trees near our property.

Apothecary jars of all shapes and sizes displayed more snowmen and other ornaments all in bases of snow. You'll also notice the 'holiday' M&M's... these are my candy of choice when I need that quick chocolate fix.

A wonderful glass bowl filled with snow is home to more snowmen. This bowl is sitting as a centerpiece on our kitchen eating area table.

The mantel shelf in the kitchen is used to display different pieces of our jadeite collection and other kitchen collectibles. After watching the Martha Stewart holiday DVD, I was inspired to stack fruit on some of my smaller cake stands and surround them with greenery from around the yard. Fresh holly and arborvitae greens flock the cake stands for a more festive touch.

One of the last things I have to do is finish this garland that I started to decorate. It is hung over our jadeite display cabinet. I still need to weave some lights, ribbon, and more ornaments through it. Another snowman found his way to the jadeite cabinet. (Can you tell I have a lot of these snowmen??)
This year it was all about repurposing a lot of the decorations I've had from years ago and making them fit into the color scheme this year. The snowmen that are sprinkled about were all 're-glittered' to fit the room they were going in. All those that are on display in the kitchen are with turquoise blue glittered hats and those in the family room are in red. I've become quite handy with glitter!
More to come!


louisj80 said...

I love, love, love all of the apothecary jars! I may have to do some of those around here!

Will said...

I too love the idea of the scenes inside the glass jars! I see a trip to Pottery Barn in my future.


I know you decorate alone, but I'd love to be a little elf and help out one year! A beautiful Winter Wonderland!

Elaine said...

Everything looks beautiful, Kenn! You do such a wonderful job decorating!

Brent said...

I have to admit, I have a fondness for apothecary jars, too (though don't own a single one!)

I really love the snowman tableaus. They remind me of snow globes

Great work