Thursday, November 6, 2008

Martha Stewart Crafts for Christmas

While watching returns on election night, I placed an order with Martha Stewart Crafts for a few holiday items that I've not found in stores. Mind you, that was Tuesday... just two short days ago. My order arrived today!

The gold collectible Christmas 2008 tin is very nice. It comes as a set of two and has a beautiful wreath design on the cover of the hinged top.

The set of nesting cookie tins are perfect for gift giving. There are two red and one 'Martha blue' tin to the set. The tins coordinate perfectly with the holiday cookie and treat boxes.

Martha's favorite chocolate boxes are beautiful. A set of 9 boxes, in gold, bronze and silver come with pre-cut tissue liners and labels. They are perfect for truffles, holiday candies, or that special little something for your favorite persons stocking.

Lastly, a set of snowflake window clings. Each snowflake is an individual cling for easy placement and snow design on your window or mirror.

I'm so impressed with the quick shipping. While it does help that the fulfillment center is in Illinois, (just a hop over Lake Michigan) I never expected the goods to arrive this quickly!

My friend Claudine reported on her blog that Martha Stewart Crafts for the holidays are flying off her local Michaels shelves. I checked during my lunch hour today at one local store and the stock was nearly wiped out. I asked the sales person if they planned any further shipments and she said that they will 'probably' get one more shipment before Christmas. As Claudine mentioned, it's a good idea to make your purchases early before your favorites are gone. You can always check the Martha Stewart Crafts website as well for item availability. I did notice, however, that several items found at Michaels are not on the website and vice versa. Keep your eye open in both places for the best of the best in holiday craft items!

Hurry! I just logged into the crafts website and noticed that all the Christmas items were on sale! Place your order today to get the best pricing!


Elaine said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!

I can't wait to get my order!

MarthaAndMe said...

Thanks for posting about this. The products look really nice and very high quality. I've been impressed with everything I've bought from her. I will definitely check out the sale!

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