Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keeping Pans Pretty

I love stainless steel cookware. While a good set of stainless steel will probably cost you the equivalent of a mortgage payment, it's well worth the investment if you're a home cook that takes the art of cooking seriously.

Stainless steel does have its issues, however. Keeping it shiny and bright can be a challenge after a while. The interiors and exteriors can discolor after a period of time. I was recently turned on to something that has actually been around for quite some time... "Bar Keepers Friend." It will keep your shiny investment looking like new.

Bar Keepers Friend is an abrasive cleaner and polish wrapped into one. A light sprinkle of this friend in the kitchen, and a few swipes with a wet sponge or cloth will remove any build up of discoloration within a minute or two. While abrasive, it's not as harsh as a standard cleanser like Comet or Soft Scrub. It really does make your pans look new once again.

Our double stainless steel sink with stainless drain board also looks new again after a good scrub. Care needs to be taken to rinse completely to avoid any pitting of the steel.

If you haven't tried this helper in a can... do so. I think you'll find it useful!


Elaine said...

It's great for stainless steel sinks, too!

mike said...

It also makes copper pots or copper bottoms of pots and pans sparkle instantly!

I use it for my silgranite sink - it's terrific!