Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking a Look Back at Special Issues

Now that the first Holiday special issue is hitting the newsstands, I thought I would take a look back at the other special issues. The above photo does not include the digest size special issues.
Special issues have been very successful for Martha Stewart Living.
"Martha Stewart Baby," started as a special issue and eventually evolved into it's own magazine, and then changed names and focus to "Martha Stewart's Kids." (The Kid's magazine ceased publication several years ago and has been replaced with a digest size special issue and online content. )
If you look closely in the photo above, there are two special issues included that were distributed through Kmart. A re-issue of Holiday Baking was a Friday after Thanksgiving shopper giveaway in 2002. Another special Kmart issue was "Martha Stewart Summer." Both of these magazines are increasingly more difficult to find for collectors. They can be found from time to time on eBay and usually sell for $20 or more.


Elaine said...

That's a very nice display!

mike said...

The Holiday Cookies (2001) and the Holiday Baking (2002) are my holiday "staples" in the kitchen during the "holidays"! What a great display Kenn! Thanks for taking the time to scan and put together! It brings back such great memories too see all those!

Claudine said...

So many wonderful issues, I need to pull the holiday ones out to get ready!