Monday, October 6, 2008

A "Scent-sible" Source

For years, I have looked for a source that could supply the scent of a real balsam fir tree without having to deal with the mess a life tree brings.

I've tried many different manufacturers of candles, room sprays, and 'natural oils' to no avail. Nothing quite captured the scent of a real balsam fir. I recently came across an e-commerce website that was so poorly created (visually), it made me hope that they spent more time on their product!

Paine Products in Maine specializes in balsam fir products, including oils, incense, and balsam filled pillows (among other items). I thought I would order a small bottle of oil to see if it was any better (or worse) than oils I've tried in the past. I have to admit, the balsam fir oil is by far the best I have ever found! Not only is the oil pure, essential oil, it has no chemical processing 'after scent' as it's warmed and released into the air.

Reasonably priced, a bottle of the balsam fir oil will provide you with the scent of Christmas all season long. To order and see other products, log into their website.


Claudine said...

mmmmm I can smell the trees already. Can't wait for Christmas

Elaine said...

I've never tried any of these products. Thank you for the recommendation!

mike said...

Kenn - how do you use the oil? (G-rated response, please). Do you apply it to your artificial tree or around it or on potpourri?