Friday, October 10, 2008

More Halloween

Here are a few more photos of some Halloween decorations in our house this year:

A glittered Martha chandelier, a few bats, and a glittered skull bring a bit of the season to a small corner in the family room. Since this picture was taken, the chandelier chain has been painted black.

This vintage "Happy Halloween" sign adorns the side door.

I love my Martha Stewart wire work egg tree... but how to use it for Halloween? Make pumpkin eggs, of course! Each egg holder is lined with Spanish moss.

Crafting, crafting, crafting. I decided to make my own Halloween cards this year, using all Martha Stewart Craft supplies. David did comment it was about time I used some of it! The cards were easy to make. Mr. Skull kept me company while I crafted.


Elaine said...

Everything looks fantastic, Kenn. I love how your chandelier came out and that you added the chain - great touch. Your egg pumpkins are so cute and your cards are even cuter! I can tell you have been having a lot of fun!

mike said...

You win the prize for the most "Hallogenic"! :)

Everything looks wonderful. Love the cards!!! Now, come decorate my house. It's a blank canvas. :)

John said...

Just fabulous! I'm going to be finishing up my outdoor decorating today (Saturday). That's where I like to "go all out!"


Beautifully eerie!

The Writer's Life said...

I love the decorations, Especially the Halloween egg tree! Keep up the good work!

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