Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Happenings at Macy's

Stop at your local Macy's and you'll find all the signs that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. I love this time of year!

We attended the Macy's 150th celebration this weekend at our local Macy's and I went "under cover" with my camera phone to take a few pictures to share:

The seasonal display at the front of the Martha Stewart Collection was beginning to fill with wonderful kitchen items for the holiday season. A selection of dishtowels, cupcake liners in two sizes, a cake stand adorned with the ornament graphic and a cookie cutter set were just a few of the items that have started to fill the display.

While not the best shot, this tree loaded with Martha Stewart Collection ornaments welcomed you to 'Holiday Lane.' The ornaments are beautiful and I of course want the sign.

The first 150 customers to arrive on Saturday morning were treated to $15 gift cards to use for shopping on Saturday as well as wonderful chocolate star topped cupcakes.

My first stop at Macy's is always on the second floor in the house wares department. As soon as I turned the corner into the "Cooks Tools" section, this wonderful cake/pizza lifter caught my eye. I've added it to my Christmas list!

Next stop, on to the seasonal display in the Martha Stewart Collection. Red is the theme this year it seems with red spatula's and red packaging for many of the holiday themed items. Here, you can see the ornament coffee cups and the crock-o-red spatulas. The spatulas have my favorite holiday graphic design on them. I had to buy a couple.

If you're a fan of gingerbread houses, you'll love these easy to assemble gingerbread house kits. The kits come in two sizes and are complete with pre-made gingerbread pieces, decorations, and other goodies.

Another shot of the coffee mugs. Right behind them are the cake stencils for the holiday season.

When the Martha Stewart Collection was first released at Macy's, I loved the white storage crocks. Until this past spring, they were not for sale. They now have crocks in red with a white logo as well as white with the blue logo. I already have 5 white crocks (that are completely full of kitchen tools) but I decided to add in a red one as well!

Another picture of more Martha inspired and decorated trees.
Pictures never give justice to the actual merchandise. I would shop early if you wish to add any of these wonderful Martha Stewart Collection items to your holiday home. Seasonal merchandise never lasts on the shelves!


Princess Freckles said...

I just found your blog while researching Martha's new cookbook. I love it and will be following you from now on! Lovely pictures from Macy's. I'm also getting very excited for this time of year!

Kenn said...

Hi Princess Freckles-
First and foremost.. love the name! Welcome and thank you for your kind words. Please do stop in and say, 'hello' whenever you can.


I'm sure you've already made arrangements to get that sign, Kenn! :-)

I love the crocks!

John said...

I saw the cake/pizza lifter last on my last trip a week ago. That is also on my "list"! List, who am I kidding. It's going to be hard for me to not go on a "shopping spree"! LOL!

Sarah said...

Only recently have I thought about asking stores for their Martha signs as you mentioned.
It sounds like you've done that before? I'm wondering how you go about that, what do you say to the employees or do you ask for the Manager?
I need some training on this before my first attempt. :)

Kenn said...

Andrew: You know me all too well! Unfortunately, Macy's doesn't give up their signage very easily... I'll have to keep working on them!

Sarah: I usually strike up a conversation with one of the sales associates and the conversation turns to Martha. I'm very upfront about being a collector of POP materials and other Martha 'stuff.' If I see something I like, I will mention it to the sales associate who will usually mention it to the manager. Kmart was easier.. you could ask anyone and they would typically say, 'sure.. take it..' Macy's on the other hand is a bit more difficult.

Kenn said...

That's the struggle for me as well.. I have a difficult time keeping things on my 'list.' I usually end up buying it on my own. I'm TRYING to be good this year!

Elaine said...

Those are great photos, Kenn! I can't wait to see the Holiday Collection at Macys.

Sarah said...

Kenn - Thanks for the advice. I will have to try that.
Has anyone attempted to get displays or banners at Michael's from the Martha Craft section?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too! It is nice to find another Martha fanatic who is obsessed with any and everything martha!

Kenn said...

Many thanks! Indeed, I love everything Martha. Please feel free to stop by anytime. Don't be a stranger!


Sarah said...

Any luck with getting that Martha tree sign after Christmas?

I tried to get a few things this year (with your advice) and was referred to the lady who does the Macy's in store displays and now I cant get in touch with her! So frustrating!

The manager told me most of the stuff is sent back to corporate.

Kenn said...

Hi Sarah,
No, no luck.. I went to Macy's just this last Friday and was going to snag one of the signs off the trees but they were already gone. If you can get friendly with the Merchandising staff, that would be the way to go! Good luck! Let me know if you have any success!