Friday, October 31, 2008

Are Martha Stewart Stores in the Future?

While in Chicago on Thursday to sign copies of her new book, "Martha Stewart's Cooking School," Martha shared a scoop during an interview with the Chicago Sun -Times.

While her many products already are sold in Macy's, Costco and Kmart, ''I long have dreamed about having free-standing Martha Stewart stores ... and we can easily fill a store with all the products we make,'' Stewart said. While no locations are set, ''I would love to have a store on Michigan Avenue ... that would be great,'' said the queen of crafting, cooking and raising the bar of Americans taste levels.

'Though," she added, "that concept may first be launched internationally.''

Last year, Martha staffers participated in the 'Next Big Idea" contest. One idea submission included a free standing store.

To have a 'one stop shop' for all Martha Stewart products would be a dream come true for many brand loyal consumers. I for one find it frustrating that there is not one 'place' where all products are visible and available. With Macy's utilizing the "My Macy's" personalized concept of merchandise buying, the entire line is not available at every Macy's store and the website has a large, but limited selection of merchandise.

Martha has changed the way we live, I can easily see her changing the face of retail. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

During the same interview, Martha also gave a hint that her new entertaining book will be available in the next 12-14 months.

Photo credit: Brian Jackson / Sun-Times


Elaine said...

I would love it it there was a Martha Store. I voted and voted for that Big Idea last year. Let's hope it does happen. If there is a flagship store in Chicago I would love to have an excuse to visit that city again!

MIke said...

I agree - that would be so convenient - everything in one place! That would make for a nice "vacation" - visiting the flagship store!