Friday, September 19, 2008

October Everyday Food

It's that time of year again... time for comfort food!

The October issue of Everyday Food will be hitting the newsstand in the next couple of weeks (and it's already in some mailboxes!) with a wonderful array of recipes that will warm you as the weather begins to turn cooler.

The cover shot is an incredible spinach and prosciutto lasagna. The best part, it only takes 10 minutes of prep! (page 87) Inside, you'll find the best lasagna and mac & cheese recipes; quick prep slow cooker surprises your entire family will love; dark chocolate treats and Chinese take out favorites without the guilt.

Make sure you pick up this issue. You're sure to find recipes that will have your family asking you to make it again and again!


Elaine said...

It's not in my mailbox. Lucky you! The comfort food focus and the cover are perfect for Fall. I am in the mood to make some chili...and cornbread.

mike said...

I've got my crock pot (er... sorry, "slow cooker") out and ready! There's nothing that says Fall more than coming home from work on a chilly day and smelling a "home cooked meal" waiting for you!