Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Decorative Uses for Apothecary Jars

John, one of our fellow 'Martha' people and regular reader of House Blend (as well as being a friend..), shared his use of apothecary jars as part of his seasonal decorating. I love the look!

Its' simple... it's elegant.. and it speaks to the season quite nicely! Looking good, John!


Elaine said...

I love this display! It is simple, yet elegant. Thanks for sharing John's photo with us.

mike said...

Wonderful John - I need to get some of those jars!

Nice and Fall-ish!

John said...

Thanks guys! I just hope the gourds hold out through November! LOL! After looking at Kenn's photo, why am I missing a larger jar?? Kenn?? Is there a 3rd large jar? I am only finding the 2 large ones and the 3 smaller ones (sold together!). More hunting!