Monday, August 11, 2008

Whatever, Martha!

Okay friends.. hang on to your hats for this news...

A new series will premiere on Fine Living Network (Mike, you might want to upgrade now..) on September 16th: "Whatever, Martha!" This new half hour comedy show, loosely based on the cult hit "Mystery Science Theater, 3000" will make mockery of Martha.

Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter of course..) and Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt will host the half hour show. The two hosts will critique with what the network is calling "candid and often acerbic" language segments from the early 1990's version of the Martha Stewart Living television show.

Where did the idea come from? Martha herself. According to an article in the New York Times today, Martha came up with the idea for the show after watching "Mystery Science Theater, 3000" during a sleepless night. That series, which ran from the late 80's until 1999 delivered sarcastic commentary to old horror movies and quickly became a cult classic.

Read the entire New York Times article here.

Alexis and Jennifer are hosts of the very popular Sirius radio show, "Whatever," on Martha Stewart Living Radio, channel 112.

This new venture could be very good thing... or it could be very, very bad thing. None the less, it's a 'whatever thing.'


Elaine said...

You will have to tell us all about it, Kenn, since I don't get Fine Living. Sounds interesting.

mike said...

Hm..... this looks rather good! (or Bad)...?

Thanks for the heads up! Leave it to you to have the inside scoop!