Monday, August 18, 2008

Self Portrait for Halloween

I'm one of those people that enjoys advertising. I look at it with a rather critical eye as I page through a magazine.
The most recent ad campaign from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is a campaign I have truly enjoyed. Entitled "Self Portrait..." the campaign has focused on putting the elements of the brand all together in settings that reflect a personal style, a hobby, a life event, and now holidays.
The most recent in this series, "the good witch" is a beautiful ad that features some of the items from the Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween collection. Actually, this ad inspired me as I begin planning my Halloween decorating for this year... the green glitter pumpkin is spectacular! I definitely have to add that glitter color to my ever growing collection of craft supplies!


mike said...

Truly inspiring! Thanks Kenn, for finding this wonderful ad and ushering all of us in the Halloween spirit (even though some of us are still suffering 100 degree days). :)

Lots of fun to look forward to!

Elaine said...

Yes, it certainly get you in the mood!

Elaine said...

I'm lovin' that green pumpkin, too, Kenn. I wonder what shade of green glitter that is?

Kenn said...

The green is part of one of the glittering kits I believe.. it's 'green agate' glitter. It's a must have for this Halloween season!