Saturday, August 2, 2008

Maybe you think August is just a bit too early to begin thinking about Halloween; but Martha Stewart Crafts is ready with a brand new line of Halloween craft items!

Readers and viewers have always relied on Martha Stewart for inspiration when it comes to her favorite fun holiday, Halloween. This season, look no further than the wonderfully imaginative Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween product line. This year, the line includes decorations, food packaging, vintage inspired invitations and decor, and easy to use cupcake and cake stencils!

You can purchase your Halloween needs by visiting Martha Stewart Crafts or at your local Michaels craft store. Halloween items will begin shipping on August 8th!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Glitter your own spooky Halloween chandelier kit

Paper pumpkin lanterns look festive hanging in any window

A vintage inspired paper and sticker assortment to make your own invitations or other Halloween crafts


Elaine said...

I have already been to two Michaels this week to see if the Halloween crafts are out, so I am glad you told us the shipping date. I was already cursing my stores for dragging their feet about putting Martha's line out.
:-) I'll try to be a little more patient.

Kenn said...

John shared with me yesterday in an email that some of the Halloween items are already appearing in stores here in our area. The Martha Stewart Crafts website stated that items will begin shipping on the 8th... I guess it's 'hit or miss' with Michaels; whenever they decide to put the merchandise out. I do love the stuff!

mike said...

Can't wait - I think the chandelier is a must have! Does it come pre-glittered? Or do you have to pay someone to glitter it for you? :)

Thanks for the announcement Kenn! Great stuff!

Elaine said...

Mike, when you get your chandelier kit I hope you have someone take pictures of you while you are glittering. That will be something to see! :-)