Friday, July 25, 2008

You Can Just Tell...

As we quickly near the end of July, you can already begin to see the signs of the season changing. It's not a temperature thing... it's a 'lighting' thing.

While working in the garden this late afternoon there was a change in the late day sun. It's hard to explain. It was a bit more 'orange' than bright. The light was casting new and different shadows as it dipped behind a tree. It just reminded me of the end of Summer.

While we still have August yet to go, the days are actually beginning to shorten a bit. The sun rises a little later in the morning and rests a little earlier in the evening. A steady decrease of 1 minute per day of sunlight (approximately... according to our local weather person).

The gardens are beginning to show slight signs of exhaustion. The large ostrich ferns have set their spores on the underside of their leaves. The tips have browned. The dahlia plants have pushed forth their buds, ready to burst open with late season color. The grass strains under the hot sun to maintain it's lush green beauty. The end of a season will soon be upon us.

Believe me, I'm not rushing anything... I think I've just become more 'tuned in' to what nature is doing out there. I find I pay more attention to the little things, the subtle changes.

Until I have to face the first blazin' orange leaf that falls from the tree, I'll just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the season. Changes and all.


Elaine said...

That's a beautiful picture. At the beginning of the week it felt like fall here, but it quickly turned into summer again with temps around 97. In the mornings, however, I have noticed that it is a little cooler and there is morning dew - a sure sign that the season is making an early transition. I love this time of year!

mike said...

Great photo - it really tells the story.
I'll bring up my shovel from the basement, and while I'm at it, take my patio furniture downstairs. No time like the present! Speaking of... I might as well bring the tree up as well. Gold or silver this year... maybe both, I need a new tree topper too.


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