Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's Martha Up To?

If you've been watching Martha's "Summer Session" this week, you might have noticed the 'teaser' commercials for the upcoming fourth season. "The start of something BIG" is the theme of the teaser commercials. What could Martha be up to now?

In the last quarterly conference call it was mentioned that the fourth season will see a return to what Martha does best - more 'how-to.' Could the something big be a return to a more familiar format?

We'll have to tune in on September 15 and see!


Elaine said...

I hope there is a return to more of her old show format. More 'how to" segments and field trips would be wonderful.

Andrew said...

I've noticed those ads too. I hope it's a departure from the live format. The thing is, I can't see them wasting that beautiful new studio in Chelsea with all those audience chairs. We should dream big...but maybe not TOO big just yet. (But I'm crossing my fingers!)


mike said...

No, say it isn't so. Sept. 15 means the end of patio pots, sun tea, chaise lounges and outdoor living. We might as well dust off the crock pot.