Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thurston Howell Would Have Loved This

We decided to take an impromptu trip to the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, where my sister and her husband were docked for the day (and night) as part of their month long sailing journey to upper Michigan.

It was a glorious day. The temperatures were just right, a nice breeze coming in off the lake, and the skies were so clear. It was a perfect day.

We enjoyed lunch on one of the outdoor decks overlooking the Olympic size swimming pool and the docks themselves. In the distance, looking out over Lake St. Clair, you could see large freighters slowly moving to reach their Detroit or Windsor destination.

The inside of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club was something to behold. Elegance surrounded you as you entered the timeless nautical building. Picture taking on the inside of the club was forbidden, but I did find a couple pictures of their beautiful dining rooms. It's just a small example of the wonderful atmosphere the club provides guests and members.

The main dining room is breathtaking, with huge chandeliers and arched windows that overlook the lake. The room is nothing less than 'grand' and is often times used for wedding dinners, receptions (also using the ballroom right next door) and other special events.

The next dining room is the Binnacle Room. The dark wood of the room lends itself to more of a Men's club rather than a dining room. Crisp white linens grace the tables with comfortable arm chairs for seating. It's a beautiful space and perfect for an intimate dinner for two or more.

GPYC is known in the area for their incredible menus and delicious food. Winner of numerous local awards, the yacht club is a dining favorite among it's members.

The Detroit area rich and famous all keep their watercraft docked in Grosse Pointe. From local news anchors and politicians to the auto giant Ford family, the variety of boats, sailboats and yachts are stunning. The largest 'resident' on a semi-private dock is the renowned Ford family yacht, "Unity." This huge yacht is four levels and spans 120 feet. Because of it's size, the Unity is docked at the farthest end of the club. It's a gorgeous yacht. I was half tempted to introduce myself and see if I could have had a tour. The entire time we were there, the yacht was docked - with plenty of activity on board. The yacht staff were busily preparing the Unity for it's next voyage. You could see them actively cleaning through the large expansive windows.

In the above picture, parts of the yacht are not visible because of the draw bridge that lifts up and down to allow boats through into the inner dock area. It was stunning to see this incredible yacht even from afar.
It was a relaxing day of people watching and great conversation. We lounged on my sisters boat and watched numerous boats go by and of course the people were fun to watch too. While some would have expected it to be 'stuffy' and 'snobby,' it wasn't at all. The people were all very friendly. It was a great way to spend the daytime hours on the fourth of July!

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Elaine said...

Just beautiful, Kenn! I am so very glad that you got to spend the day at such a wonderful day and that you were able to spend time with your sister. Thank you for sharing the experience with us.