Monday, July 14, 2008

There are times when you want to take technology and chuck it out the window! This weekend, my desktop computer which has always performed marvelously decided that it was going to throw me a curve ball and stop working. The hard drive and the mother board reached it's breaking point and completely stopped functioning.
Having been through a technology failure in the past, I've learned that maintaining and external hard drive (or in my case, three of them) is not only a good idea; but it's a must have. Despite the failure, most of my documents, photos, images, music, and podcasts are saved and will be available again once the desktop is up and running. Unfortunately, what I did lose were hundreds and hundreds of emails and a few documents/projects that were a work in progress. A new lesson learned: even if it's not a completed project, save it to the external hard drive!
A huge frustration when it comes to a techno-failure is calling your computer manufacturer for assistance. You are connected with someone named "Jay," who is in India, and does not speak English very well. He's trying to walk you through a number of steps which include removing the cover of the PC and fiddling with the connections. Still no success. After nearly three hours or so on the telephone the computer still doesn't work. Thankfully, the PC was under warranty and a replacement will be on its way today.
Perhaps it's time I move from a PC to a Mac.


josh (beekman 1802) kilmer-purcell said...

sorry for your loss!!! speaking of mac...if you are thinking of switching, we installed a mac "time machine" earlier this year and love it.

it serves as a standard wireless router, but also backs up all the data on your machines several times a day...automatically and in the background. and it keeps different versions of backups so you can revisit the hard drive on your machine from nearly any day in the past. i have no idea how it stores all those versions of history, but it does.

okay, so that was a little mac-geek annoying.

Will said...

I got Time Machine too with my new iMac this spring. And although I was momentarily irritated with Apple this weekend during the activation of my latest iPhone (the launch must have been run by the fine folks at FEMA)...I still have to echo Josh's love of Mac.

(ps - Josh, I saw your interview with Mr. Maupin in the back of the Michael Tolliver book!)

So the very least become a bi-computerized household soon. You won't regret it. I may need help starting my own blog soon.

Kenn said...

Hi Josh and Will,
Thanks for your recommendations! I'm becoming more and more convinced that Mac is the way to go.
Speaking of losses... with the hard drive failure, I've lost your email addresses as well as Brents. When you get a moment, please drop a note so I can 'reload' you into my address book (and back the damn thing up).
Thanks again for the tips!

mike said...

Kenn, I'm sorry you're going through all of this termoil You know my motto. Once you go mac.... you never go back. :)

I'll ditto Time Machine. :)

If there's any info/reference material that I can forward your way (with rebuilding), please let me know! I'm glad to help.

Kenn said...

Thanks Mike.. I'm sure I'll be calling on you to recover some lost items!