Monday, July 7, 2008

Martha Stewart Create & Martha Stewart Celebrate

Questions have been whirling regarding the recent discovery of Martha Stewart craft items at Wal-Mart. Are these exclusive? Will Michaels carry the same items? Well.. when in doubt ask the one woman that should know... Ask Martha.

This afternoon Martha took calls from listeners on her "Ask Martha" radio show on Martha Stewart Living Radio (Sirius Channel 112) and I decided to call in and ask about the products that have been spotted.

Martha shared that this was their next big announcement. MSLO and Wal-Mart have teamed up with the introduction of "Martha Stewart Create" and "Martha Stewart Celebrate" product lines. The official announcement from the company is forthcoming.

"Martha Stewart Create" is a line of crafting tools, accessories, scrapbooking items, and other craft materials. There is also a line of kids craft kits that fall under the create label.

This line, geared towards the crafter and the crafter wanna-be's feature many of the same tools found at Michaels, though the handle colors are green (that lovely Martha green color!) With a full range of products, crafters will be able to stock up for any crafting need.

"Martha Stewart Celebrate" is a line of items to celebrate holidays and life events. Wal-Mart stores are beginning to stock a complete array of wedding items, from invites, decorations and cake topper frames to guest books, wedding planner binders and crepe paper flowers.

Martha shared that the Celebrate line will also include all the common holidays with the first holiday line arriving this fall for Halloween. The line will continue to grow with items geared toward other life events such as anniversaries and baby christenings.

Martha mentioned that she recently finished shooting the television commercials for the new lines which will begin airing later this summer.

Some of the "Marthateers" have gone under cover with camera phones to bring you photos of this exciting new product line as it arrives on store shelves. Enjoy!

To view a larger screen show, click on the video box above and then click the button that says "watch."


Elaine said...

It's always best to go to the direct source. Well done, Kenn!

Love the photoshow - I'll have to try that for my field trips.

Anonymous said...

I'll come up with a disguise to wear into my local Walmart and check out the products. I'm a Target boy but I saw some notecards online that I want but they appear to be sold out already.

mike said...

I can play "white trash" wiith the best of 'em, especially if it means I'll walk out with a few Martha products. :)

Thanks for posting this information - I'll be sure to spread the word. LOVE the slideshow.... somehow, it makes Wal-Mart seem like Saks...... :)

Great job Kenn!