Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Body and Soul Goes Digital

Body and Soul magazine (a Martha Stewart Publication) goes GREEN with a new offering of a digital subscription.
Readers can subscribe to digital issues that will be made available at each publication date. At the cost of $12.00 for 10 issues, readers can read the entire magazine on line. I checked out the demonstration issue to find it easy to use and easy to read with the option to enlarge the magazine to a comfortable viewing size. What's nice, is it's the actual hard copy magazine in a digital format instead of page upon page of boring text. Readers can skip through pages using the slide at the bottom of the screen or go page by page. The one drawback I saw, is the inability to download the magazine to your computer for future reference. There was no indication of how long a magazine would be available to view. For me, downloading would be essential, since I often reference my magazines again and again.

A digital subscription is an excellent idea. Could other Martha Stewart Living publications follow?


andrew said...

It would be great if they offered Living that way - as long as the actual magazine stayed put! They've been toying around with a bit. Earlier this year, new subscribers could download the premier issue of Martha Stewart Living when they subscribed.

I do think Living could be printed on recycled paper and still be beautiful. Body + Soul is a great example of that. I think Dwell is another really beautiful magazine that uses recycled paper.


Elaine said...

This is great, but I still prefer to read my magazines and books the old-fashioned way. Reading online is much harder on the eyes.

I got a new subscription to MS Living just so I could get the first digital issue and am still waiting for that digital issue...

Kenn said...

I know what you mean Elaine.. I'm still waiting on my copy too!

Andrew: Do you know of anyone who actually received this digital preview issue?