Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rain, Warmth, and Growth!

This is a beautiful Martha Washington geranium. When I saw this plant, I fell in love with the burgundy and white stripes. It will bloom all summer long!

The first rose bud is beginning to open. I should have roses by the end of day tomorrow! This particular rose is a 'bubble gum' rose. It's been one of the best roses, with multiple blooms each year. Last year, it bloomed 5 times in the season!

One of the Columbine in full bloom. The wind from last night and today have rattled some of the blooms, but it's still beautiful.

The hosta have reached almost full size for this year. This is one of my favorites in the garden with two interesting shades of green.

The ferns have tripled in size since the last picture of them in mid May. Some of these ferns now stand almost waist high! They are so beautiful!
Now that June is upon us, the best is yet to come in the gardens. Within another month or so, I'll be able to cut fresh flowers for inside the house. Come, cut a bouquet for yourself.


mike said...

Wonderful! The last one is so lush. Why not do something with this photo? I'd suggest an iron on transfer on a canvas material that can be placed over a wooden chair frame for the garden. But then again, it's your picture, do with it what you want.

** How does one "but a bouquet"?

(just kidding my friend!)

Kenn said...

I fixed it. :-)

Elaine said...

Very beautiful, Kenn!

claudinehk said...

lovely, I wish my back yard looked like that. I only have one little peony in blow at the moment... I will live through your pics!