Friday, April 4, 2008

A Way to Garden - Margaret Roach

One of my favorite books related to gardening is a decade old classic called "A Way to Garden" by Margaret Roach. Margaret was the first gardening editor of Martha Stewart Living and most recently was the Editorial Director until her retirement (as she says, "at an young age") in early 2008. Margaret also co-hosted the radio show "Homegrown" with Andrew Beckman on Martha Stewart Living Radio.

Margaret's approachable personality and her sense of gardening style made Margaret one of my favorite people and authorities in the world of gardening. She approached the art of gardening with a 'real' viewpoint and not a lot of mumbo-gumbo text book methods. In her book, she wrote in a poetic manner about the cycle of life in the garden. It changed the way I looked at my gardens, appreciating all the seasons and the cycle of life each plant goes through.

Margaret is back with her own blog, A Way to Garden. Chocked full of valuable resources, beautiful photography, and Margarets warm personable style, this blog is going to be a daily stop for me. I hope it will be for you as well.

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Elaine said...

I just discovered her blog late last night, Kenn, and I was thinking that you would love it! How funny - we were thinking the same thing! It is a great blog. I am going to miss her presence at MSL, but I am so glad that we can keep in touch with her this way.