Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Claudine!

I've never known a Princess before - that is, until I met Claudine!

My favorite Princess celebrates her birthday on Saturday. So far, her week long celebration has been fit for not only a Princess, but certainly fit for a Queen!

Claudine is one of those people you're grateful for. She's no-nonsense, 'real,' and shoots straight from the hip. You always know what she's thinking, because she's not afraid to tell you! I appreciate that quality! More so, Claudine is a loving soul. She truly cares about those she loves. She's generous and kind with a willingness to provide comfort when it's needed.

She is a princess, however! With a castle of glitter, cake stands, and dishes, Princess Claudine loves the good things in life. (nothing wrong with that!) She's a "June Cleaver" of the 21st century always making sure that her home is comfortable, (and well decorated for any holiday!), she gives her all to her work, and her husband has a delicious home cooked dinner nearly every night of the week. (how many husbands can lay claim to that?!) She is simply priceless.

Happy Birthday, Claudine!


Elaine said...

I so agree, Kenn! Happy Birthday, Princess Claudine!

mike said...

The perfect picture for the perfect Princess. Although, Claudine would never prick her finger on the spinning wheel needle - how moronic. :)

Happy Birthday Claudine! So glad to know you!

claudinehk said...

Oh you are all so sweet! Thank you so much Kenn, I am so happy to have met you and we were fast friends, and I hope friends forever. Thank you again!
No Mike I would not cut my finger on a rose, a mandalin slicing potatoes is another story though!

thank you all!