Saturday, March 1, 2008

Walking Listening Down Memory Lane

Yesterday at work several of us were talking about the 'classic' television and radio days growing up in the Detroit area. The television airwaves were filled with local programming and there was one radio station that dominated.. AM 800.. CKLW.

CKLW was a powerhouse top 40 radio station. Based just across the river in Windsor, Ontario CKLW could be heard (on a clear night) in 28 states throughout the United States and through most of eastern Canada. Not only was CKLW known for it's top 40 format, it was one of the first stations to specifically gear it's programming to the 'hits of the hits' in music for the time.

Keeping pace with the 1960's, CKLW was loud. It was fast. It was what you listened to if you were young, hip, and ready to rock and roll! Transistor radios (yes, they really existed), car radios, and home radios were tuned to CKLW to hear the lastest and the greatest from the Beatles, the Supremes, Dave Clark Five, and countless other hit makers. It was the dominate force in radio.

The discussion about CKLW prompted me to do a Google search. I was amazed to find something on You Tube that took me back all those years. As I was listening, suddenly I was transported to such a simple time... the fabulous 60's and 70's. Childhood memories were flooding my thoughts, remembering when....

Back then, Detroit was on Central time, not Eastern time. Even though CKLW was in Windsor, literally just across the river, it was an hour ahead of us. Things have changed and Detroit and Windsor are now in the same Eastern time zone.

Even though I was just a wee lad in the 1960's this brought back such vivid memories!

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How fun, Kenn!