Saturday, March 8, 2008

On Sale March 11th!

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As she's done with wedding cakes, Christmas tree ornaments, and holiday wreaths, Martha Stewart has cornered the market in cookies. We could rebel and select the more folksy cookie cookbooks, but I say grin, bear it, and get the butter and eggs ready at room temperature.

This is one of the Martha Stewart empire's most appealing tomes. With 175 cookie recipes and a picture next to each, the book also includes hints on packing cookies, decorating cookies and choosing useful tools and essential equipment to get you started, as well as 11 pages featuring each and every biscuit pictured side by side to help you choose, whether it's light and delicate, crumbly and sandy, or rich and dense cookies that suit your fancy.
Like with all MSL books, this one offers gorgeous pictures, detailed instructions, educational head notes, and recipes suited to both the beginner and advanced bakers.

Anyone who subscribes to Stewart's magazine or watches her program is sure to have tasted several of these recipes before, yet there are enough new entries here to keep even the die-hard fans happy.

The test: Favourites include the rich and chewy Grammy's chocolate cookies, the coconut cookies with passion-fruit curd (delish!), the delicate tuile leaves, the fussy fortune cookies, and the spicy chocolate black pepper cookies. The iced hermits studded with candied ginger are worth the price of the book alone.

Who this book is for: Everyone! Even if you don't like to bake, chances are you make cookies. And as homemade cookies are always better than store-bought, cookie baking is one pastime everyone should adopt.


Elaine said...

A great review! Just can't wait for it to come out this week!

mike said...

Aside from my 1963 Betty Crocker "Cooky Book", I think this will get used the most. I love making cookies. Thanks for posting the great review Kenn - I'm itching (not literally) to get my hands on it. I hope there's no nuts.

claudinehk said...

Mine is already on the way from amazon and should have it on Monday! I can't wait. We must get the book clubers going with this one. The Cooing School book is on amazon already for a release of October...