Friday, March 14, 2008


In a recent Los Angeles Times interview with Martha Stewart, she hinted that availability of Martha Stewart segments through viewers such as an iPhone will soon be available:

We have a wonderful library of amazing segments, all pretty much evergreen how-to segments. That was my goal when I started out in television. The older show can be broken up in smaller segments that everyone likes to watch on their iPhones, their hand-held device -- if they're in a grocery store and they want to figure out how to make escarole soup, they can dial up "escarole soup." Soon they'll be able to do this. Martha will show them how. That's what it's all about. And ultimately that's where it'll all be going.

Within the same interview, Martha discusses the "On Demand" service and the addition of Time Warner Cable as a provider of Martha Stewart On Demand:

We're very planned out. It's been planned for a very long time. . . . The content will be available as a total show. We're now on video-on-demand on Comcast and soon to be on Time Warner Cable. We're the most popular of the video-on-demand on Comcast in the home and food arena. We have several hundred different segments available now. We're selling a million a month of segments. That's very, very good. Evergreen is the key word!

If this pans out in the near future - I see a new iPod will be in order! I'll want to store as many segments as possible!

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Elaine said...

Well, I have been wanting to get an iPhone and now I just may have gotten the final push to get one! Thanks for the info, Kenn!