Monday, February 18, 2008

Martha Stewart Lifestyle?

I was listening to "Living Today" on the Martha Stewart Living Radio channel on my drive home this afternoon and I heard something that started me thinking.

The (new) host, Mario, kept referring to a "Martha Stewart Lifestyle" in his discussion with Marion Roach. He referred to those that 'live the Martha Stewart lifestyle...' It made me wonder; what IS a Martha Stewart lifestyle?

Martha has been an incredible teacher and communicator when it comes to enhancing our way of living. For those that enjoy cooking, Martha provides direction. For those that love gardening, Martha has provided so much inspiration. For those that are into collecting, Martha teaches us about a variety of collectibles. For those that craft, Martha gives us a plethera of ideas to make our own. Each one of these areas is an element of living. But is it a lifestyle?

What do you think? Do you live the Martha Stewart Lifestyle?

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Elaine said...

Yes, I think that I at least aspire to live a Martha Stewart lifestyle. I guess I have never thought of it that way. I know that I incorporate so much of what I have learned from her over the years into my everyday life. She certainly is someone who has inspired me to take the extra time to make even a simple gathering an extra special event, or to plant bulbs indoors and out, or to craft special gifts for loved ones, to cook something quick and easy or something that is challenging and complicated. She has inspired me to do it all, and even if I don't do it as perfectly as she does, I do it and it makes me happy and it makes my family and friends happy. That's the most important thing in living this life, don't you think?