Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Mumbles

Come on in.. care for a cup of tea or coffee? Glad you're here...

I saw the most unusual tea bags today. A girl at work who is an avid tea drinker found these triangular 3 dimensional tea bags that are vanilla and carmel flavored. They were very interesting. Perhaps I've lived under a tea bag rock for a while.. I had never seen a triangular tea bag before! I had to try the tea... it was quite delicious. While I tend to be more of a coffee drinker, a good cup of tea once in a while is great.

David had the day off for the holiday. He took Sirius to the vet. He's due for his next round of shots, but they postponed them. He was running a little bit of a fever. They drew blood to do some lab work, so I hope it all comes out alright. For some reason he had quite dirty ears.. he's an indoor cat, but his ears were very dirty. They cleaned his ears and now he is favoring his right ear a bit.. The vet said he had a lot of wax build up. I wonder if he has an ear infection? Hopefully his blood work will show something.. or better yet, show nothing! Maybe he's just a hot blooded cat! :-)

He was quite traumatized at the entire trip to the Vet thing. He didn't enjoy the car ride at all. David called me at work and all I could hear in the background was this 'howling' like someone was hanging him from his toes! Poor little guy. He was quite sleepy this afternoon, so I put out the heating pad (on very low) and put his favorite blanket on top of it. He was all snuggled in (covered up with part of the blanket) and he was totally loving the warmth of the heating pad.

I'm taking Thursday off this week. It's North American International Auto Show in Detroit and we take a day each year to attend. I'm by no means a 'gear head' but I do appreciate a nice car! I like to check out the concept cars of the future. The people attending the show are usually pretty interesting too! I'm an avid people watcher. I'm going to make sure I take my camera this year.

It's getting near my bedtime.. goodnight for now!

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Elaine said...

Oh, poor little Sirius. I hope that he is feeling better and gets a clean bill of health from the vet.

The tea bags sound really interesting - do you know what they are called and where she got them? I am always looking for new tea.

Enjoy your Thursday adventure - sounds like fun!