Monday, December 31, 2007

It's hard to believe that another year is ending. It's on this new years eve that you stop and ask yourself, "where did the time go?"

Where did it go, indeed. As I get older the time seems to move faster. I can remember as a child when the holiday season would take forever to arrive. Now, before the last bloom in the garden has faded we're preparing for the holidays.

As I look back on 2007, I do so with happiness. Overall, it was a terrific year. This year, David and I marked our 10th anniversary. I made new friends and old friendships became stronger. I danced in the moonlight and I reflected on life by the same moonbeams. I became more aware of how unexpected life can be, and I learned to value each and every day with greater meaning. I learned knew things and shared my knowledge with others. I gave of myself for a greater good and I received many blessings in return.

2007 brought physical endings. My dear friend Nancy who's influence and power in my personal life will forever live on. My friend, colleague and mentor Julie, lost her battle with cancer this year. Julie instilled within me the importance of why we do what we do as healthcare professionals. Julie respected my creativity, valued my enthusiasm, and believed in me. Respect, value and belief are three things I now pass on to every person I can reach in the workplace and out. Even though I can never hear the voice of these two powerful influences in my life, their 'voice' will live on within me. I will do my very best to continue the work of their mission to touch and impact the lives of those they meet. I can't forget Mrs. Kostyra as I think about endings. While she wasn't a close personal friend, she was a joy to watch and learn from. She will be missed.

2007 introduced me to new friends. Tracie, Claudine, Elaine, Mike, and John. All people I love and adore for what they bring to my life. For each of you, I'm forever grateful for your friendships in whatever form they take. I hold you close to my heart.

2007 brought David and I a new 'baby,' - Sirius. Adopting him into our family was and continues to be a great joy. He's a spark of energy that can sometimes be annoying; but overall is fulfilling. Knowing that we gave him a chance to live the good life fulfills me. I love you Sirius!

2007 brought lots of great "Martha" things too! Books, a new collection at Macy's, great craft products, and more. I'm forever appreciative of Martha and her company for bringing us so many good things.

More than anything this year, 2007 brought personal growth. I can look at myself in the mirror and honestly say I'm a better person. For everyone who touched my life, provided me the opportunity to recognize growth, and supported me this year, I say, 'thank you.'

So, on to the new year. My resolution this year is to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Be it in a professional capacity or in a personal capacity I want to pay my blessings forward to others.

Much love, happiness, and peace in the coming year.


claudinehk said...

Happy New Year Kenn and family!

I am truly blessed to call you a friend! Here's to another great year....


Elaine said...

I am truly thankful for our new friendship and am looking forward to the New Year!