Thursday, December 13, 2007

For 25 wonderful years, Martha Stewart has been providing us with all the best in entertaining, cooking, gardening, homekeeping, and crafting. What a wonderful 25 years it has been with Martha in our lives.

On Friday, December 14, Martha celebrates the 25th anniversary of her first book, "Entertaining" which started the entire Martha Stewart 'movement.' At the time, "Entertaining" was cutting edge as a combination cookbook, how-to book and beautiful coffee table book. With elaborate photography, detailed recipes and precise how to with in it's pages, "Entertaining" changed the way America entertains. And, that's a 'good thing.'

I am the proud owner of a first edition copy of Entertaining. My oldest sister gave me a copy of "Entertaining" for my birthday. I loved to cook even while in college, and she thought I would enjoy the book. I remember looking over it and truly not giving it more than two thoughts. It was a tremendous book, but to lavish for my taste at the time. In all honesty, I didn't give Martha Stewart another thought for several years. Now, not a day goes by that Martha hasn't been a part of a conversation, or an inspiration for something I've accomplished. Frankly, I can't imagine NOT having Martha part of my day to day life.

There should be a declaration that Friday, December 14th be "National Martha Stewart Day."

Let's celebrate this wonderful anniversary!

Congratulations, Martha!

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