Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mrs. Martha Kostyra

Last week, Martha announced that her Mother, "Big Martha" was in the hospital following a stroke. Just this week, Martha shared on her "Ask Martha" radio show that her mother wasn't doing well and was not expected to make it out of the hospital. Sadly, despite the prayers for a miracle, Mrs. Kostyra, "Big Martha" to those in her family (and those of us in her extended family) passed away on November 16, 2007. She was 93 years old.

For those of us that have watched Martha over the years, we've been witness to the countless guest appearances Mrs. Kostyra made on the Martha Stewart Living and Martha television shows. As elegant and delightful as her daughter Martha, Mrs. Kostyra earned her own fan base over the years. There was talk for several years of a cookbook of Mrs. Kostyra's family favorites. Perhaps that cookbook will still be written one day.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Kostyra during a special Mother's Day edition of Ask Martha on Sirius radio. What a delight. To this day, the Kostyra meatloaf recipe is one of my family favorites and serves as excellent comfort food throughout the year.

The loss of a parent is devistating no matter how much we prepare ourselves. I don't think you can ever prepare yourself for such a loss. My heart, my prayers and my thoughts are with Martha, her brothers and sisters as well as all of the Kostyra related family during this time. Collectively, those that love Martha and I would venture to guess even those that don't like Martha are praying for healing and comfort.

This morning, I mailed off a donation to the Martha Stewart Center for Living in honor and memory of Mrs. Kostyra. I felt it was a fitting way to pay tribute to this very special woman.

Beyond the moon, beyond the stars, Mrs. Kostyra wraps her arms around us all. In so many ways, "Big Martha" was our Mom too. Bless you Big Martha.


Elaine said...

Good morning, Kenn. Thank you for posting the link for the donation on Martha's Community page. It is nice to know that we can do something to honor her memory. It is great to visit your blog and be able to connect with someone who shares the same feelings.

Claudine said...

she was jsut such a spunky cute little thing. I loved it when she was on the old show with Martha making the mac & cheese and Martha wanted to add Cayenne pepper and Big Martha just added "or not, that's not how I did it" so cute!
lots of love to Martha and family....