Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And on Friday, We Decorate!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I've been busy in the kitchen this evening doing as much pre-cooking as possible so tomorrow will be a bit less stressful. I'm not really one to get all stressed out during the holidays. I love to entertain family and friends and I love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

While many refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving as "Black Friday" I call it "Decorating Friday!" It's the day when the house is transformed from Fall Harvest to Holiday in a matter of a few hours!

Typically, I awake at my usual hour. (which is between 4-5 a.m.) David is usually up and around already, preparing for his early morning shopping journey with his good friend Barb. I prepare them a light breakfast and send them out the door. With a fresh pot of coffee (Starbucks Chirstmas Blend) and the 'vision' of what I want in my head, I begin the transformation process.

With HGTV on the television for inspiration (they always fill the day with holiday decorating themed shows) and a few hours of time, I will have successfully decorated the family room, kitchen and dining room. Even with two trees to do (one in the family room, one in the dining room) I can actually move through this transformation process pretty quickly. I usually plan weeks in advance what I want it all to look like. One thing about my decorating 'plan'... it's always subject to change. I may see something else that inspires me and the entire plan can change!

After the first 'rush' of decorating, I take a break and enjoy a traditional moment with my copies of the old Martha Stewart "Home for the Holidays" primetime specials from the mid and late 90's. My favorite is the very first special from 1995.. it was filled with decorating and gift ideas. It's a priceless piece of Martha history! After breaktime, it's back to work.. finishing my first round of decorating. By now, "White Christmas" is playing in the background (my all time favorite holiday movie) and I'm dancing along with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney! (I often wonder if it's just too much coffee!?!)

The first night snuggled in the family room with it all a-glow is like magic to me. I can sit and watch the lights on the tree.. the holiday season has begun!

As we work through the remainder of the weekend, I will continue the decorating process.. the tree in the project room/home office (the large window faces the street - so I must have a tree there!) will be up and I will make adjustments (if any) to the other rooms.

The last tree to go up will be in the master bedroom. That tree is always a live tree and it will go up the first weekend of December.

Am I a crazed man at the holidays? Ummm.. YES! But it's a good thing!

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Elaine said...

I always start my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving, too even though my neighbors seem to put out their Christmas wreaths and lights out a few days earlier. I refuse to do that before Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving should be Thanksgiving, right?! I didn't get very much done today, but it usually takes me a few weeks to get everything out and up anyway. Sounds like you have a much more organized approach than I do!